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Default Re: Map out choc's next 3 fights

Originally Posted by ashley View Post
1. Fight Hassan for the WBA MW World title.

Reason: Pickup the World title and send a message to the world that choc is ready to fight the big guns of the MW division.

Fight ****ysis: Hassen is a big puncher and moves very well so itís a dangerous fight...choc will move more and pick up the points as choc is faster and more accurate. At some stage choc will need to hurt Hassan or Hassan could catch choc late with a big shot.

Fight rating: 8/10...maybe the hardest test at MW save Pavlik and Sturm

2. Next I would fight Peter Manfredo in the states who will pick up the IBO 160 Title in 8 weeks time (Geale should be fighting Manfredo for this title)

Reason: Beating Manfredo (US fighter with profile) will put stage 2 of my plan under way to increase world profile and winning with style will get a few people in the US to take note...oh it also makes choc Mr 4 time

Fight ****ysis: Chocs will beat Peter to the punch all night...while manfredo is solid he is beatable without a huge punch....P4P good profile, good payday, low risk

Fight rating: 7/10 Pickup IBO title low risk increase name in the states

3. Fight Pavlik putting up the WBA and IBO titles in the states

Reason: Itís time for choc to have his career defining fight...and a chance to rule the MW kingdom.

Fight ****ysis: Chocs speed, movement and evasion will see him winning the first 4 rounds of 6. Next 6 rounds are the problem as Pav finds his KO range. Choc needs to counter with power and hurt Pav enough to slow him down. If choc can hurt him he has a shot at a close UD win.

Fight rating: 10/10 Very hard fight, high risk, high reward win or lose...must get this shot.

If choc canít get Pav after the first 2 wins then fight Wright in the states and make lots of noise about Pav ducking him...choc will now beat Wright.

I donít think the Wright fight will be needed as Top rank want the WBA title and they know Sturm will vacant down the road.

Ok so thats what I would do right or wrong.

This is what I think Chocs team will do.....

1. Fight at 154 as he makes weight easy
2. Fight for the WBA intirim title at 154 and setup a fight with winner of Foremen v Cotto in the states.
3. Fight for the IBO 154 title while the winner of foreman V cotto has another fight before choc.
Agree with the first and last but manfredo isn't high profile anymore, he should fight winky instead - past his best and a bona fide name.
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