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Thing is, TSFO used to post here well over a year ago, and was one of the busiest posters on the site - he seemed very credible, didn't go around blagging that he was a boxer, it just sort of got discovered by various other posters on the Aussie forum from bits and pieces TSFO mentioned here and there. However, I think it turned out that he was Jamie Crampton, Ben's brother.

There is/was an Aussie poster called Achilles who knew/thought it was really him too, and I can't understand why anyone would go to 3 years effort of dropping little hints and clues here and there in an effort to make everyone think he was a domestic-level fighter?

Once everyone had figured out TSFO was him, he said he had retired because he had taken his last bout less seriously than he should have, and was KOd. He used to talk about this Thai chick he was with (I think engaged?), and he stopped posting here at least a year ago, as he had gone over to Thailand to try out Muay Thai for a year.

As I said, he was very credible, and seemed like a good bloke, he was a funny poster, and was very self-deprecating, not looking for kudos or attention at all.

BAZOOKA, is TSFO your big brother?
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