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Default Re: ATG's who have weaker chins than Frazier

I agree that the notion of Frazier not having a chin is a myth, and I'm not exactly sure how it started.

This is an all time great champion, who in some 37 fights, and during the most competitive era in the sport, was really only taken out by one man. The one man I'm reffering to is viewed by many as one of the top 3 hardest punchers in the division's history. What's more, the loss was more styles related, as opposed to Frazier's abilty to take it or not. Lastly, he was no longer at his best, as he had documented health issues.

Frazier had incredible heart, stamina and yes, even a chin.

The one person I don't agree with on your list, as having a weaker chin than Frazier was Larry Holmes.
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