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Default Re: Ruslan chagaev training routine

Originally Posted by RonnieHornschuh View Post
Yeah, that goes out to the people who say people like Chagaev or Arreola could never look ripped, no matter how hard they trained, because that's just not their "body type".

The reason why somebody like Wladimir is ripped is because he trains his ass off every day at the gym. And he has the right diet that doesn't consist of loads of pie like in Chagaev's case. If Chagaev would train as hard as Wladimir and not hop around like a demotivated fat kid from the 3rd grade, he would be chiseled as well. Only that he would be a cruiserweight then.
I totally agree, it's always been a complete bull**** excuse. If that is just their body type then what happened to all the people with the same kind of genetics but in the lower weight divisions? Why don't they look fat and out of shape? Because they eat well and train properly, that's why. There will be a couple of exceptions, but not like it is in the HW division that is littered with lard ****s.
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