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Default Re: Sam's Training Log

Still training but not been coming on here much due to real life getting in the way.

On my 3rd cycle of wendler's 5/3/1 routine. getting good gains but its slowing down now from when i started the routine. deadlift:170kg / bench:105kg / squats:120kg / O/H press:85kg. i still do loads of cardio tho so this may be hindering gains a little too.

Love the bear complex. and super-setting tabata squats with tabata burpees. i do it twice, back to back after 3 mile run every other day. (to joker: i'm back at around 21 mins now, so heavy training has definately slowed me down a bit)

Finding it hard to keep from getting bored with the weights routine at times though, increasingly having to add stuff on weights days to spice it up a bit, rope climbing for example, done 4 hours after my workout, 30ft rope with a 20kg plate on my back. this is a killer but very good for core strength.

i've also been doing the 600 press ups in an hour thing too after getting the idea from a thread on here. i ached like mad for a couple days after the first time but my body got used to it pretty quick even though i only did it once a week for a month. we didn't bother with the 10 in a min thing, just went for it doing sets of 25. after 2 weeks we were up to around 800 press ups in 60 mins but it gets boring. so i'll stick to mixing press ups in with my circuits.
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