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Default Re: Khan says ''Maidana ducked me''! LOL!

Originally Posted by ed7890 View Post
You mandatory is not exactly the same as "ever potential opponent"

And Cobbler, your laying the blame at Maidana for accepting being paid off? You want him to burn his bridges with possibly the strongest promoter to get his shot?
Maidana signed an agreement with his promoters that he believed offered him the greatest opportunity. Khan does likewise. I don't 'blame' either of them, they are both making good fights and building decent careers.

I just think it's funny because I'm sure you know as well as me that if the tables were turned, Maidana was champion and Khan interim champion, Khan had refused to enforce his mandatory challenge, had signed a contract with his own promoters to not fight Maidana and said that his manager had advised him to wait a couple of fights before taking him on, people would still say it was Khan who was ducking.
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