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Default Re: The top 3 SMW Official Thread!!!

Originally Posted by JoeAverage View Post
Dirrell lost to Froch.

I don't think he can be ranked that highly - YET! (I am a fan and the sky is the limit for this guy... but let's keep it real for now).

1. Ward (best Kessler).
2. Kessler (beat Froch).
3. Froch (beat Dirrell).
4. Dirrell (beat AA).
5. AA (beat Taylor).
6. Bute (not in the SS and has much lower opposition that the SSers).
7. Green (replacement, has to prove he belongs).

This is on achievement alone. Skill is very subjective, and another list could easily be made on skill.
Best list I have seen so far...but if you take into acc that Ward has yet to be tested abroad and try and add how they have fought away from home I would say


Kessler was the least impressive away form home whilst Dirrell was the most impressive.Ward has yet to be tested so he is lower than Froch.I think fighting away from home has to also be taken into acc. now after seeing how hard it is.You really have to dominate to win away fromhome.
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