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Default Re: Prime for Prime-Evander Holyfidld vs Mike Tyson

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
Yes, but one last point. The Cooper fight was actually very telling and heres why. Holyfield could be taken into a brawl by fighters who wanted it or pushed for it. Holyfield just couldnt help himself early on and we saw it time and time again leading up to and including the second Bowe fight where he fought a much more refrained fight and there is no way Holyfield is standing toe to toe with a prime Mike Tyson.
The thing is, if he stands toe-to-toe with a prime Mike Tyson he's taking a risk but he's also going to be putting some serious hurting back on Tyson. It's not like he ran and held when they did eventually fight.
I just dont rate Tyson's ability to take a sustained series of punches, he couldn't fight going back, and Holyfield's punches weren't bee stings.

I think you are overating how ring smart Holyfield was in the early part of his career. Yes he did some great things and made some great adjustments in fights, but he wasnt as disciplined as he became later on. It took a mind like Emanuel Steward and Tommy Brooks to hold him back.
Holyfield had George Benton with him in the period we're discussing.
I think you're quick to notice Holyfield being "recakless" or "careless" at certain times against Foreman, for example, BUT he brawled a similar amount (to the Foreman fight) against Bowe in the rematch too (under Steward).
Not to mention the third Bowe fight where Holyfield was trading too much, and got himself stopped in 8 rounds (under Don Turner and Tommy Brooks).
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