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Default Re: Prime for Prime-Evander Holyfidld vs Mike Tyson

Originally Posted by Hookie View Post
You really think he was bigger or stronger? I don't.

He weighed 215Lbs. for his first fight with Tyson, 1996.

He weighed 213Lbs. vs. Alex Stewart in 1989 (BoxRec has it listed at 212Lbs. but whatever, he was 15.2 Stones).

In his 3 fights vs. Bowe his weights were-

205Lbs. in 1992, this was his lowest weight since 1988 (202Lbs. in his HW debut vs. Tillis, KO5)

213Lbs. in 1993

217Lbs. in 1995

He was 208Lbs. vs. Dokes, Douglas, and Foreman so this is a weight that gets mentioned a lot. It was a good weight for Holyfield but the truth is he was usually heavier... and a few times lighter (3 times at HW, 202 vs. Thomas, 205 vs. Bowe, and 207 vs. Rodrigues).

Holyfield always had a big upper body. Compare his #'s with the Big HWs. You will find that he is sometimes bigger, many times as big, and at least almost as big on the following statistics-

Height- 6'2 1/2", although I've also seen 6'2" listed

Reach- 77 1/2", although I've also seen 78" listed

Weight- 202-221 Lbs. at HW

Chest- 43" Normal and 45" Expanded, although I've also seen 44" Normal and 46" listed

Biceps- 16", although I've also seen 17" listed

Neck- 19 1/2", although I've seen 19 3/4" listed

What is somewhat smaller on Holyfield compared to some of the big HWs are these measurements-

Forearm- 12 1/2"

Waist- 32"

Thigh- 22"

Calf- 13"

Wrist- 7 1/2"

Fist- 12 1/2" (although it is 1/2" bigger than Lennox Lewis')

Anyway, both were a bit past prime in 1996. Holyfield hadn't looked good in years and people were really worried about his health. Tyson was still crushing guys but he hadn't been tested past the 3rd round (was that much different than in his "PRIME" though?). Tyson had also won 2 World title belts since he came back (he had vacated the WBC belt but still had the WBA belt).


Tyson had beat Bruno in 3 rounds in March of '96. Tyson stopped Bruno in 5 rounds in '89. Bruno was 19Lbs. heavier in the rematch, all muscle for what that's worth (6'3" and 247Lbs.). Bruno had gone 8-1 (7) since his first fight with Tyson and picked up the WBC belt from Oliver McCall, W12. He had also beat Ribalta KO2, Coetzer KO8, "The Truth" Williams KO10, and Jesse Ferguson KO1 during this stretch. The only loss was vs. Lewis (LTKOby7). He gave Lewis hell and was slightly ahead on the cards after 6 rounds. Bruno was still on his feet when the fight was stopped but he was out of it (Oct. '93).
I think Holyfield was stronger and fought differently yes. Does weight only equate to strength? Was Tyson stronger and better at 239 or 228 than he was at 218? No, his game was speed and timing which definitely was not the same in 96.
Was Bruno any better in 96 than he was in 89? No, probably worse with the added weight especially against a brawler.
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