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Default Re: Prime for Prime-Evander Holyfidld vs Mike Tyson

Ruddock threw like one, two, maybe three punches at a time, usually just one.

Holyfield beat the **** out of Tyson almost the entire fight.

I dont think Tyson was the same fighter, but the fight wasn't even close. I'm happy to ignore the fight, but if I cant reference '96 Tyson as comparable to '88 or '90 Tyson, then stop refereencing what Tyson did to his B-level opponents in regards to what he can do against Holyfield.
Some of those B- level opponents were giving Holyfield some troubles thats clear, just as Tyson wasnt the same fighter.

Im not really using Cooper as a barometer as I said, just that Holyfield always brawled, and he would be brawling against one of the best brawlers in heavyweight history.
I feel like Im defending Tyson too much. I put a lot of stock in Holyfield he is one of my favortie fighters, and I think he would have presented a very tough fight for Tyson, I rank him higher than Tyson, but in "my opinion" Tyson was a better heavyweight in the late 80's and would have defeated Holyfield had they fought at that time.
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