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Default Re: The top 3 SMW Official Thread!!!

Ok so I guess we are on the way to a top 10... so here you go... That's what I think about this:

My top:
1,2: Bute, Ward
3: Kessler
4,5,6: Dirrell, Froch, Abraham
7: Andrade
8: Bika
9,10,11: Green, Miranda and Stiegliz at 168lb (Miranda beat Green at 162lb)

1,2: Too close to call for now, maybe in 6-8 months we'll know!
3: He has the most experience in the group and he beat Froch!

4,5,6: 3 solid boxer, 3 different styles ... but 2nd graders (they could never be number one, they give trouble to the top 3 but can't beat them all)

7: Because after seeing Andrade against Bute... he is the ****! Chef de classe of the 3rd graders, He beats any of them!
8: Not really sure what do with him, he is probably badly managed, but has solid pedigree.
9,10,11: Miranda beat Green at 162lb. And I assure you, Andrade destroys Green!

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