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Default Re: Kessler vs Froch 2

Originally Posted by avidlemon View Post
well to be honest, i kind of agree with you. I think froch can look good, and be effective behind the jab. But his actual power shots seem to be not laboured, but not very cultured. and as a result he puts himself off balance as he does swing a little bit for the fences, and being off balance coming in with no defence he does get picked off.
The thing is though, i think kessler forced him into these errors at certain points in the fight.
It is frustrating watching him at times though, as he had kessler going at certain points, and seemed incapapble of going in for the kill like he did with taylor
Taylor was dieing on his ass in the last round so nothing was coming back. Kessler seemed about as strong as Froch, they were both tired. Kessler also invested in the body and took some steam out of Froch. As successful as Taylor's early boxing was he didn't seem to take much out of Carl and he was never the stronger guy like Kessler was.
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