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Default Re: Talks Like Ali,comes Out Like Pbf,fights Like Rjj ,aka Anthony Mundine

Originally Posted by tills9191
Any1 ever notice all of Mundine's fights are so repetitive, same old thing everytime..once his fight is up next, they show him with his shirt already off. standing there, with his right hand up on his chin, and throwing the 2 or triple jab thing..ROY jones jnr-style..then, you got his cousins. mark mundine, wes patton, tony mundine all sucking on lollipops, then he looks at the camera,gives the no1 symbol, ''no1 baby'', then you get him coming out with 1 or 2 rappers doing their rap thing...

He tries to talk like Ali, sticking up for his people,and improving their lives, comes out like bloody pbf, sitting like a king on a chair with the crown, and fights like for ffs, we saw pbf coming out like a king not too long ago, now Mundine is doing it..
Can this guy have some sort of originality for a change...

Oh I almost forgot,
Can he also stop fighting bricklayers, and 3rd year apprentice plumbers.
oh yeah mate, there's absolutely nothing original about the 'original aboriginal'
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