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Default I've had enough, time for a change

All this dancing on the head of a pin debate over one or two rounds in a very close championship fight has been the straw that has broken this camels back.

I’ve had enough.

Fans will continue to argue about the outcome of the Froch – Kessler battle, punch stats will be produced to support one view or the other, we will have endless debate and at the end of the day no one will agree…that’s fine because we are just fans and our views have absolutely no impact on the outcome of any fight. However, when you check the judges cards, paid professionals, their views are so disparate that it is apparent that one of two situations exist:

1/ The judges are corrupt as **** and there was only ever going to be one winner regardless of the reality in the ring or, and more likely,

2/the paid men have about as much idea of how to score a fight as we do

….none of their cards agreed, it’s a complete farce that a championship belt was won and lost on the basis of the judgment of 3 men who did not have a ****ing clue…it was pure luck that the consensus winner was the actual winner and this is completely unacceptable. Boxing is not ice skating, high board diving or gymnastics…the outcome of a championship bout should not be a matter of opinion, it should be definitive, final and without doubt…boxing is not and should never be subjective and certainly not when a title is on the line.

I have come to the conclusion that it is time for us not only to go old school, but to go old, old school with the sport we love and have championships decided the old fashioned way when fighters would have to practically snatch the belt from the cold hands of the old champion. In short –

- 15 or even 20 round world championship bouts. I have had enough of fighters nicking the first 10-15 minutes of a 12 round fight, then getting on their bikes for the remainder knowing full well that they will get the decision. Lets make this a proper endurance test where only the very strongest succeed….that should be the nature of a championship bout

- Same day weigh ins. At one time I was actually really concerned about fighters safety, but as time has moved on I have realized that these men are precisely that, grown men and they are quite capable of making decisions for themselves. If a physical freak like Paul Williams wants to boil down to 147 then fair enough, but he would then have to realize that he is not going to get time to rehydrate back up to the SMW limit in time for the first bell. When I watch a welterweight contest I want to see welterweights fighting, not dehydrated and rehydrated super middles…if these idiots want to put their lives on the line, then that’s their choice but I have no doubt that the natural at the weight will always prevail over 15-20 rounds and that’s exactly how it should be.

- Winning a title. In days of yore the only way that a championship belt could change hands was when the challenger actually stopped the champion…there were no judges, no dodgy or questionable decisions. It was simple, you don’t stop the champ, then you don’t win the belt. The "winner" of the fight was decided by acclamation, newspapers proclaimed the actual winner of the bout, people on the street debated but this did not in any way affect the outcome of the championship, only the skill, physical endurance and will of the fighters decided that and not a bunch of know nothing homegrown judges.

Time for a change

Rant over
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