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Default Re: I've had enough, time for a change

Same day weigh ins:

Won't happen. Day before weigh-ins have a better safety record and its the same for both fighters in any case. Same with putting rounds back to 15 or 2, won't happen because of the safety aspect (real or imagined)

Stopping the champ to win the title:

Plain Daft (sorry Ice). How many boring safety first displays would we see from the champs? You think the networks would buy fights where only one guy is trying to win? That ended with the "winner" getting nothing?

Champion L12 Challenger, Champion keeps title? Ridiculous.

Champions avoiding big punchers like the plague. Pernell Whittaker would lose in title challenges to Yori Boy Campas.

I'm an ideal world the 15 round limit would return but, for the same reason was the same day weigh-ins, no organization will do it in case they are the ones with the tragedy on their hands with all the attendant bad PR and potential lawsuit.

The second idea of the champion needing to be knocked out is just plain crazy and comes from a time when that rule was forced upon boxing by the politicians, boxing didn't want it and neither did the fans. They got rid of it as soon as they legally could because it didn't make for entertaining or fair fights.

All this fuss over Froch losing a close but clear decision?
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