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Default Re: WTF is Audley rambling about now?

Originally Posted by dellfmsa View Post
Regarding Piers disgrace
Piers didnt put troops in danger. In fact his brother is/was in Iraq.

Piers wasn't a disgrace in his job as editor of the Mirror. In fact he was brave to stand up to the politicians who were stifling debate about the war.

I have to give him credit. He sacrificed his job for standing up to an oppressive government who were sending our sons and daughters in uniform to give their lives in an ILLEGAL invasion of an innocent country/ies.

Tony Blair is the disgrace, along with the troops who blindly obeyed his command to invade the lands of innocent people.

Muhammad Ali was sent to jail refusing to kill innocent Vietnamese. Ignorant masses said the same about him as Audley says about Piers.

For some reason, idiot boxers and their foolish promoters always seem to think that they can win public affection and support by wearing union jack shorts, flying the flag, and supporting 'Our boys' the troops.
Yes I support our troops, but not in committing a crime.

Regarding Piers Opinion about Audley
Spot on! Audley's career is the definition of failure. The only reason his name is still mentioned anywhere is because we have no other Heavyweights of decent ability (except the rudebwoy Hayemaker).

Piers appeared on Apprentice with Lennox Lewis, so I wouldn't be surprised if Lewis shares his views.

Audley got whooped by Danny boy in their first fight. Everyone knows Danny came in on very short notice in their second match and was fat and completely out of fighting shape. Harrison is so proud of that victory, but any true boxer knows that as Mcguigan stated "he lacks intestinal fortitude".

What can Audley do well?
One thing Audley does do well is talk. For some reason he believes in himself. You can tell he has swallowed a DVD set of Anthony Robbins and brainwashes himself daily that he is the best, and he will make it.

I'm sure anyone watching Audley says to themself "if I had that frame and size I'd be smashing competition to bits". Audley got KTFO by Sprott and nearly lost the second match. He got a lucky punch at the end and when you watch in slow motion, you can see he lacks quality technique in his punches.

Hayemaker would easily smash him to pieces.

Audley sucks!!!
***** !
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