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Default Re: Cately vs Thobela-Loaded Gloves?

I been doing some reading up on it.

It looks like Catley sensed that Thobela had loaded gloves. A panel investigated and proposed that Eddie Cotton and the fight supervisor Houcine Houchi should be on 12 month bans. This was rejected by Jose Suliaman because he was assured he was suitably bandaged and Thobela had a abnormal fist.

Houchi said that he went to see Catley get wrapped first and then came to Thobela's room and found he was already wrapped. ''i'm sure the referee took responsibility''

Cotton said he saw Houchi sign the bandages off for both fighters.

Houchi tried lay blame at Catley saying ''why didn't he say anything sooner''

Catley was given a shot at the winner of Thobela-Hilton. Hilton won and then decided he didn't wanna fight Glenn. Thobela lost to Hilton via a contreversial split decision so maybe here lies the answer.

Rather strange as well that a guy who's form before that wasn't really that of a devastating puncher went and knocked out a hard nut in Catley. Plus Thobela 2 years before was fighting Carlos Baldomir at Welterweight. 3 Divisions Lower.

Glenn seemed adamant that he was hit by a foreign object and to be honest i back him over them clowns.

That's all i saw, Looks like it never went any further as Thobela still boxed on and Catley got his shot against Eric Lucas and lost.
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