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Default Re: WTF is Audley rambling about now?

To me, it's completely irrelevant that Morgan is a ****. I never bought or believed his newspaper, and turn the TV over if I see him, I've never thought he was anything other than a ****. But what he says about Audley is 100% right, and Audley's downside is more relevant to me.

As a boxing fan, there was a time I was a supporter of Audley, and I know he could have been good for the sport in this country, and for a short time he was. He could have take that BBC deal seriously and taken his career more seriously instead of just fighting bums and taking the money and cheating us all. He brought the BBC back to boxing for a while, and the coverage was reasonable for 2 or 3 years (though Audley's own fights were never good and that's what led to the inevitable pulling of the plug).
When the BBC didn't renew his stupid money-grubbing contract, he ran off to America for a few fights there and fool them at ESPN for a few fights, but by that time we all knew he was ****. And when he lost to Williams and Guinn it was confirmed he was ****. And still he tries to talk his way back into big money and title shots, after almost 10 years or being overpaid and unwarranted limelight.

As a result of his bull****, other fighters have probably missed out on coverage or consideration from terrestrial TV, and he's just increased scepticism and cynicism about professional boxing, mismatches and fraudulent hype.

As a boxing fan, I hate what Harrison stands for. And Morgan was 100% spot on.

Morgan doesn't concern me. Of course he's scum, but that's his job. I wouldn't believe a word he says, but I know he's right about Harrison because we boxing fans have been saying the exact same thing for years now.
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