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Default Re: Why wont someone make ...

Enzo is still with ****** and after the fight the other night he mentioned talking to frank to see where they go next. So unless he wants more info on drugs i.e. 'talk to frank' I think he's still with him.

Hide, one would have thought would be reluctant to take on Enzo when he has a WBC shot looming. However I was also supprised that he entered Prizefighter and can't imagine what his promoter was thinking letting him do that. If he looses that will almost definaely be an end to the number two ranking and his potential title shot!!!

Hide has never been one to back out of a challenge so that's why he has taken it. A win will quickly put another 3 in the right column of his record and earn him a fairly decent (not amazing) pay day.

Enzo vs Herbie would be an excellent fight that I have wanted to see for some time. For my money Enzo would win. Having said that if you had asked me last week I would have said it was a bit too early for Enzo. But the other night he looked as if he may have got his Mojo back.

I would be supprised if it happens to be honest unless Herbie loses prizefighter. If he does then the fight would make excellent sense to ****** and Hide wouldn't turn it down.
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