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Default Re: told you fools...all yall that was hatin on kimbo up and take your L

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
He did trade punches and everything else on the feet ans was owning Mercer until he decided to own him on the ground. There's the difference between MMA and boxing, the other dimensions, which you boxing fans seem to neglect.
He traded about half a dozen punches, none of which landed cleanly.

In a boxing match he gets owned. In an MMA match against an MMA fighter he gets owned. In a street fight against a guy who wasn't afraid of him, he already got owned.

Folks just love Kimbo because he looks mean, but there are harder guys in my neighbourhood and probably in yours too.

It's just that the REAL hard men don't feel the need to shout about it and put their fights on the internet. They just hospitalize people on the DL.
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