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Default Re: Briggs Doubts Mundine's Self Belief

IMO briggs has it right.

you have to question to some degree how mundine will fight when he goes in against kessler or say calzaghe.

will he box more defensivley in his shell or will he open up and throw more combinations and be willing to stay in the pocket more to get more shots off.

only way he beats kessler and calzaghe is to do this.

its not mundine`s abilty , it is his willingmness to put himself on the line and take chances to win .

i saw mundine beat echolls and it was clear that mundine could have really done a number on echolls and impressed but he played it safe.

i saw mundine fight siacca, who really is an average boxer , but he put mundine down in the 2nd and mundine went into his shell, when he should have proceded to dust himself down , not worry about it and outbox and outskill siacca from that point on, yet mundine boxed most probably his worst ever fight from that point , clearly reluctent to mix it up at all.

thats why briggs said what he said.

until mundine comes out and gives a solimon or green type performance v an overseas qualified fighter then the question marks remain over his mindset.

on the plus side i have seen fighters, johnny nelson being the obvious one , when comparing to mundine , who turned in many lacklustre cautious fights early on in his career when moved up (some real stinkers ), and he turned it around in his 30`s and started standing his ground and letting his hands go and using his considerable skills and went unbeaten in 7 years as a champ.

nelson`s problems were all in his head as well and he managed to get over it.
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