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Default Re: Never underestimate the bum of the month

Originally Posted by janitor
It seems to me that there have been a nuber of cases throughout history where a champion beleived himself to be taking on an easy oponent but had somehow found the last person in the world he should have fought.

Jim Jeffries was Bob Fitzsimmons bum of the month.

Muhamad Ali was Sonny Listons bum of the month.

George Foreman was Joe Fraziers bum of the month.

Somtimes the next ATG can almost apear from nowhere.
They were all rated fighters ,Ali and Foreman in the top two,hardly unknown,bums of the month ,an expression that I dont like,are more akin to some of Louis,s competition,guys like Jack Roper,who was 36 ,and had been kod by Braddock with one punch,beaten twice by an old George Godfrey,and went into the Louis fight with a record of 26W 22L 5 D,Tony Musto who stood only 5 7 1/2,had lost all 4 of his 1940 fights and won only4 out of his 9 in 41 the year he fought Louis ,he was unrated and unworthy.Jean Peirre Coopman must be up therealong with Ron Stander and Terry Daniels two of Fraziers challengers.How about Pattersons defence against Rademacher,Floyds excuse-" Im asked to fight an amateur for $200,000".disgraceful!
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