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Default Re: Prime for Prime-Evander Holyfidld vs Mike Tyson

[quote=PetethePrince;6645212]Yes, because that's what I said. I just don't believe he was 1/5 of himself like you do. I think it's all over-stated. AND logically, I think Tyson was closer to his physical prime than Holyfield was. Holyfield was the one who was thought to be washed up. And rightly so after some of his performances.

Tyson was closer to his physical prime than holyfield?
wtf are you smoking?
Tyson was shot BEFORE he spent 3 years in prison!
Holyfield regardless of bad performances was active

The key word here is ACTIVE

Oh and we all know Tyson was not right in the head anyway...spending 3 years in a cell didnt exactly boost his brain cells.
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