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Default Re: ATG's who have weaker chins than Frazier

Originally Posted by Jack
I got annoyed by the complete lack of respect Frazier gets in that other thread. So here is a list of top class heavyweights I think he has a better chin than.

Joe Louis
Larry Holmes
Sonny Liston
Floyd Patterson
Ingemar Johansson
Jack Dempsey
Evander Holyfield
Jersey Joe Walcott
Archie Moore
Ezzard Charles
Ken Norton
Max Schmeling
Gene Tunney

I think the gloves issue is a big debating point when it's come to rating a chin, so I won't include boxers who fought with ridiculously small gloves or bareknuckle.

If Frazier is going to be slaughtered in less than 3 rounds, so are all the above. I feel I'm forgetting some and bare in mind I'm also restricting this to the elite of the heavyweight division.
Mr. Jack,

Tunney, Schmeling, Louis, and Dempsey fought with lighter gloves in general. If lighter gloves with less padding means it is harder to take a blow, and then we must take that into consideration when assessing the durability of the old timers. Even in the 50's, Marciano used to pack his fist tightly in a glove to the point wher eyou could see his knuckles in some photos.. Gloves from 6 to 10 ounces were common. Modern boxing gloves are heavier, but 12 or 16 ounce gloves though a mere few ounces more do not tell the entire story. Modern gloves are designed better, with more cushions.

I can't see Frazier being more durable than Holmes, Holyfield, Liston, Dempsey or Tunney. Louis and Moore about even with Frazier. I'd give Frazier the nod over the rest.

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