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Default Re: Is there a best time to go running?

Originally Posted by Windigo View Post
I can tell you right now that I've had way more physics education than him. He could have a PhD in Sports Science and not had a single physics class. Nothing in that bio tells me that he has any understanding of even basic phyiscs.
Nobody cares about your education in physics. Alwyn Cosgrove is a world-renown professional in all aspect of fitness. He's had clients from the general public to top class athletes. Experience is key in this stuff. He's used his experience to come to conclusions and try different things over the years and his ideas obviously work.

How many top class athletes have come to you and asked you to train them? I'm guessing none.

You can go on about physics all you want, but I'll listen to the guy thats been training people for 16 years and has vast experience and knowledge over some guy trying to say he knows better because he's better at maths.
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