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Default Re: Is there a best time to go running?

Originally Posted by Windigo View Post
So with experience you can bend the laws of physics to your will. Got it!

You are engaging in an appeal to authority. You probably though he had knowledge in physics till I proved otherwise. Now you are ranting. Ill take his world on technique, nutrition etc. But when he starts talking physics I know more than him by a long shot.
Why are you still going on about physics? My point is the guy has experience in the field and knows what works and what doesn't. He says your idea of running on an empty stomach is bull****. I agree from my own experience.

For your edit - Hahaha. Feel free to go to his website and tell him he's wrong. I'd love to see you try and argue your point.

The guy has trained thousands of people, he uses those results to help others and tell others what works and what doesn't. You on the other hand have a basic understanding of physics and think you know better.

Tell you what, if you train thousands of people and top class athletes for 16 years and their results are better than Alwyn's I'll admit I'm wrong. Until then I'll go with Alwyn, thanks.
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