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Default Re: Is there a best time to go running?

Lets expound on this idea that we can look at the body as a broad system and ignore the internal dynamics.

Can I eat nothing but candy bars and chips so long as I hit my Cal/day goal?

Can I not train at all sit on the couch all day and simply reduce my Cal by what I would have burned at the gym?

Can I just eat one huge honking meal just before I go to bed to hit my Cal/day goal?

No of course not. Now Mr. Cosgrove knows this full well but he lacks the education to understand how this also means that he is misapplying the 1st law of thermodynamics. The reason none of these things are a good idea is because of the dynamics of the system.

Were Mr. Cosgrove correct and the 1st law properly applied than everything I listed above would be just fine. That’s the thing about physics. A law is a law if it applies to one it applies to all. If the use of the 1st law is valid in this case everything I listed above works. However the complex dynamics of his defined system makes the 1st law inapplicable for this purpose.
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