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Default Re: ChrisKim47's Training Log

Update: back at it again.
Took Dec. Jan. and Feb. off cause of school.
Working out like a champ for the past two months March and April

This is what my workout has accumulated to 5 days a week comes out to be 4+ hours.

Morning sesh:
3-mile run
weights: alternate every day
4x 30 shrugs 60 lb dumbbells
4x 15 preacher curls 15 lb each side
4x 15 hammer curls 40 lb dumbbells
4x 20 backward rows 60 lb
4x 20 close grip lat pull 115 lb
4x 15 shoulder press 40 lb dumbbells

4x 70 incline oblique situps
4x 15 leg raises
4x 25 lower back raises
circuit for shoulders
3x 20 waist to chin lift 45 lb
3x 20 front shoulder raise 15 lb dumbbells
3x 20 side shoulder raise 15 lb dumbbells

Evening sesh:

4x 85 incline situps
4x 40 pushups

4 rd shadowboxing
4 rd heavybag
mitt work
4 rd speedbag

Walked into my boxing gym for the first time last friday. Felt good, but I can tell I lost a lot of work on the speedbag. That being said I still make that thing cry, just my arms get little tired, but I'm sure I'll regain stamina. Plan on running 4 miles a day, not this week but next week.

Currently 6' 163 lbs.
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