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Default Re: Is there a best time to go running?

Originally Posted by Windigo View Post
You train on a routine you will loose weight. They could do it themselves or they could use you. Post hoc ergo propter hoc you are falsely attributing the cause. Its up to you to bother to learn how the body works and optimize your program and then sell it to them. You are so stupid you have to over simplify things for you to understand them. You over simplify things to your clients not to yourself.

I'm reminded of the forward to Jack Dempsey's book, where he comments on how all the snake oil salesmen have infected boxing because of the money. Sports training is much the same right now. Lot of bull**** out there you are on the side of the bull****ers.

You again missed the whole ****ing point. I'm at times amazed by how stupid you are. And you have people pay money and put their faith in your expertise. I didn't say my 10% its all our 10%. 90% is selling it to the athlete. You could do nothing but squat thrusts and push-ups and it would "work"(meaning there would be improvement since you didn't get that point last time genius). What separates a great trainer from all the snake oil salesmen is actually selling a product that is more than just motivation.

And why aren't I on their same level. Well its not my career. I choose a different path. I train kids as a hobby but I obviously work a lot harder at keeping myself informed than you do and I don't even get paid.
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