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Default In case of Vbookie glitch (massive extraneous payouts) - PLEASE READ BEFORE BETTING!

Mod edit:::
Failure to report these errors will result in a ban, and or account termination depending if you are a repeat offender or have bet the v-cash.

Sometimes the VBookie software screws the pooch and issues a windfall exorbitantly larger than deserved to the winner of a bet. For instance, maybe a few hundred dollars in vcash were supposed to have been won but instead the system paid out a few million to that person.

When this happens, DO NOT SPEND the vcash. Doing so, after the posting of this thread on 5/10/2010, will result in being subject to a ban (of length to be determined by the disciplining moderator).

If this happens, please send a private message to myself, TFFP, or another VBookie bookie (or a moderator). We will create a special thread just for you, with an option for you to put all the unearned vcash on (subtract and keep whatever amount you had to begin with, as well as what you were supposed to earn - these amounts will be reviewed for accuracy by the bookie or mod you are cooperating with), and the event will be settled with that bet option losing so that the glitch money simply disappears.

Deviating from this resolution will result in disciplinary actions!
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