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Default Re: Mundine vs Another weak Argie

Originally Posted by BoppaZoo
Am i suprised NO.

Im very dissapointed however because how can this man be called Number 3 at 168 when all he does is avoid really tough opponents.

Yes he stepped it up against Green,Soliman but he has had way to many ****py opponents of late which means for me i feel Mundine is on the decline.

The worst thing about it all most Aussie fighters infact all Aussie fighters are used to being the underdog type guy were they fight guys that are way above there talent.
Briggs vs Adamek
Fenech vs Nelson
Green vs Beyer
Harding vs Andries
etc etc

They have heart and determination were Mundine will charge through the rough to watch him beat up some C Level fighter.
Other Aussies fight out of there skin to get what they deserve RESPECT where as Mundine is happy fighting in Sydney for a belt that really isnt even his.

Dont get me wrong im not a Mundine hater i just feel let down yet once again by a fighter that calls himself the Man where it more like he his a boy amongst Men.
Briggs was favourite in his first fight with Adamek, and I'm pretty sure green was too (in Australia).
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