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Default Re: 7AM start cal/kess

Originally Posted by muttley
I think I remember you posted something about how Robocop was a comment on society today etc?

Yeah mate, I'm certainly thinking seriously about it - just depends on if I can get a pass out from the missus Who's all going?
Can't remember that quote. It was a cool movie though, I've been watching a lot of old action movies lately...The Running man, Commando, T2, Predator. Maybe it's an Arnie thing.

Todays action movies are ****. I turned off 300 40 minutes into the film, maybe it's a sign that I'm getting old.

Oztriker is definitely coming, boxing banker should, and I think hurrican is as well. Would be cool to drag JD along, maybe Oz can give him a lift, I think they both live around the Central Coast area.
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