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Default Re: Guarenteed way of making money on Khan v Malignaggi

Originally Posted by boxingscience View Post
the trick to gambling is stick to something you really know. i know boxing, and that's what i mainly stick to.

most people lose money in gambling either because they put money on good odds and just hope, which is no good, and it normally fails. if i put money on an underdog, then it has to be because i really think he'll win, not because of the odds. number two reason people lose money is because they can't wait to put a bet on after winning money, and then lose it on something stupid, and then they end up chasing their lost money. those sort of people are addicted to gambling. if you're addicted to gambling, then you'll lose. simple as. sometimes i can wait for months to put a bet on. i only bet if i see something good, and it'll have to be boxing.
This is possibly one of the best mug punter posts i've read. You won't put money on good odds because it normally fails and if you put money on the underdog it has to be because you think it will win not because of the odds.

Basically saying you will back short priced odds even if it is too short because it has more chance of winning but you won't back an odds against shot even if it is far bigger than it should be because you don't have a feeling it will win. Ridiculous.

So if someone sees a fight with 1/2 shot v a 11/8 in their head they shouldn't back the 11/8 shot at 15/8 because its good value odds just because it 'normally' fails. Also if a 2/1 underdog is 5/1 they shouldn't back it unless they 'really' think it will win.
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