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Default Re: Guarenteed way of making money on Khan v Malignaggi

Originally Posted by Shrewd_dude View Post
This is possibly one of the best mug punter posts i've read. You won't put money on good odds because it normally fails and if you put money on the underdog it has to be because you think it will win not because of the odds.

Basically saying you will back short priced odds even if it is too short because it has more chance of winning but you won't back an odds against shot even if it is far bigger than it should be because you don't have a feeling it will win. Ridiculous.

So if someone sees a fight with 1/2 shot v a 11/8 in their head they shouldn't back the 11/8 shot at 15/8 because its good value odds just because it 'normally' fails. Also if a 2/1 underdog is 5/1 they shouldn't back it unless they 'really' think it will win.
Don't think you can lump this fella in with the plum who started this thread, to be fair. If I review the losing bets I've ever made, they tend to follow a bit of a pattern - feel I'm on a roll and just want to keep going... easily done. On the odd occasion I've bet on horses I've nearly always lost because... I know **** all about horse racing. On occasion though - and this needs a bit of discilpline, obviously - I've rolled a modest amount around the 100 mark into 1000+ by sticking to gimmes in sports I'm familiar with, and not getting carried away. Easier said than done, but I take the lads point - you see some of the vcash balances knocking about on these forums and bet those *******s wished they'd backed their knowledge with hard currency.
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