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Default Re: Bob Fitzsimmons Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post
It's more along the lines of a certain race of fighters being shunned out of big oppertunities because of racial discrimination. Just imagine if the color line was drawn in the heavyweight division from 1940 to present. ATG heavyweights like Joe Louis, Ezzard Charles, Jersey Joe Walcott, Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, Floyd Patterson, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson would have all been deprived of the heavyweight title. Just imagine back in Fitz era, if there were talents like men mentioned above, who simply never got to reach their full potential because of lack of training and title fight oppertunities white fighters were given? Back in fitz era, he only had to fight white fighters. thats eliminating a large group of the boxing talent.

Is it a coincidence that post 1940 most linear heavyweight champions have been black? In fact I think all but 3(johansson, marciano, W klitschko) have been black. Why is that in your opinion?

Why is it that most players in the NBA are black? Why is it that most runningbacks/recievers/defensive backs in the NFL are black? why is it that most sprinters are black? Why can't a white person ever keep up with a kenyan in the boston marathon? Let's face it. Black people naturally are faster than white people physically. There are always anomaly's, but for the most part this is true. I don't have scientific evidence to back up this claim, but I don't think I am alone in this opinion.
Itīs not because they are somehow superior sportsmen, I know in America you get indoctrinated with the stuff by your media. But itīs not true. Thing is the poorer you are the less possibilities you have to achieve something. In America moreso than over here. For poor people sport is most of the time the only possibility to achieve something. As far as I know a large part of the coloured population in the US is poor. Sport (or show business) is the only way out of there. On the flip side when you are wealthy you donīt need to get through all the troubles of a sport career when you can have it far easier?
In Germany you donīt find many ethnic Germans in the gyms in the big cities and those who do are nearly all from a poor tough background. The gyms are dominated by Turks and Eastern Europeans. When you go there as a German you will have no good time. I know this from experience from more than one gym. Getting discriminated and beaten up for your nationality in your own country is no fun.
Look at the history of boxing. In the beginning there were many Irish champions. Irish were citizens of second class then. Next were Jews, Italian than blacks and no Eastern Europeans. Itīs not about race but how you are brought up, your live curcumstances and so on.

Kenyans run all their life. Running there is like football, the real one not the American one, in Brasil, Italy, Germany. Look how dominant these nations in this sport are. Same with Kenya. Long distance running is their national sport, and the only other country where it is as highly regarded is Ethiopia, which is nearly as good. Of course they dominate. This has nothing to do with beeing black.
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