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Default Re: Bob Fitzsimmons Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by turpinr View Post
the man in your avatar was leagues ahead of fitzsimmons in my opinion
Maybe not leagues. I do think Arguello was the better fighter but not the greater fighter.

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post
A style that perhaps pertains more to bareknuckle style than modern boxing?
No, he had a style that was unorthodox for any era. He was truly unique. He changed his style for fighting Corbett, he played a patient counter-punching game and subtely pressured Corbett and countered his mistakes, ok he was losing on points but it was a long-term strategy.

In other fights, he was regarded as a very scientific fighter who utilised what you called modern traits like footwork and movement. This is a complete hunch and I havent found any conclusive evidence but I think Fitz utilised a lazy jab. But despite being regarded as a clever boxer he could also turn on the pressure and throw combinations and be a very explosive finisher, and relentless attacker.

I thought Corbett got the better of Fitz in the film until the knockout blow. Corbett was a lil bit past it at the time too.
Yep, as I said I think Fitzsimmons utilised a long-term strategy. I will put it out, that I think Fitzsimmons has a more modern style than Corbett.

Corbett outboxed him easily, corbett knocked fitz down(fitz cheated by grabbing on to the ref and prevented himself from being counted out enabling him to get a long count). Corbett used modern boxing traits like footwork, movement, and a left jab. Fitz seemed very confused.
I think 'easily' is pushing it, but yes he was winning. AAs I have said before i think Fitz utilised a long-term strategy, a pateint 'trap-smith' style, intent on slowing down Corbett and getting him out late.

Fitz did land a a great equalizer, perfectly timed. Great Punch. Solar Plexus shot is deadly.
And he always had this, making him a H2H nightmare IMO.

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
I will not comment on the ability of Bob Fitzimmons...
But there was one man who SAW every heavyweight from John L Sullivan to Joe Louis...He was a famous American poet who wrote the definitive piece on Bob Fitzimmons...The poet was Edgar Lee Masters,1869-1950..He saw every champion until 1949,and was a boxing lover besides a poet...He insisted that Bob Fitzimmons who Masters saw many times would have licked every heavyweight,until 1949...Very convincing...
The article is in a book I have called The Book of Boxing, by W.C. Heinz and Nathan Ward...The Time Of Ruby Robert,article titled pg.228..
What a convincing piece from a boxing expert who saw them ALL..A Fighting Machine On Stilts, Ruby Robert was called...Check it out...b.b.
Thanks for that Burt. I will definitly look out for that book.
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