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Default Re: Bob Fitzsimmons Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
The initial question was about Bob Fitzsimmons style so I will focus on that.

I have read more than one, perhaps more than two contemporary observers make the observation that Fitzsimmons was not the same in any two fights.

It is certainly apparent that he fought differently against much larger fighters than fighters his own size. If you were his own size or smaller he would typicaly just bulldoze you, while if you were bigger than him he would try to draw you into making a mistake before going in for the kill.

He was prepared to put his chin in harms way to land his own punches, and relied on verry small movments to avoid a lead. Having contered, he would often use footwork to avoid a return. His deffence worked to verry small margins of error, but he was rarely wrong in his calculations.

He seems to have often feigned being hurt in order to lure his oponents into a false sense of security then explode into life.

Most of his style employed counterpunching. In some fights he used the jab leading extensivley to soften up his oppoinents, while in others he hardly seems to have used it at all. When an opponet did make a mistake it typicaly only took one combination to finish the job.

The punch that finished Gus Ruhlin in the sixth round was described as a left hook to the jaw that travelled less than two feet. Ruhlin fell to the canvas face first and was not even able to put his hands out to stop himself. He subsequently had to be carried back to his corner.

The combination with which Fitz finished Ed Dunkhorst described in detail. "Fitz feinted to the head then landed a left to the solar plexus which prompted Dunkhorst to drop his hands. He then landed a right to the jaw followed by a right uppercut (which missed). Dunkhorst then threw up his hands to receive a left to the side of the torso followed by a left hook to the chin which put him down for the count. Fitzsimmons had to help Dunkhorst's seconds to carry him to his corner".
Thanks. Great ****ysis. It seems Fitz invented precision punching before archie moore later adopted it. Fitz might be one of the few fighters in history who could knockout hall of fame fighters with single shots to the body.
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