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Default Re: Bob Fitzsimmons Appreciation Thread

I don't understand why modern fans have a hard time understanding how these transitional gloved boxers could hit so hard. they look so 'primitive' on film, that stuff would never work today etc etc etc.

the gloves they used were the same size (or smaller) than the gloves mma fighters wear today. watch enough mma fights and you see things that make you question their chins: knockdowns off jabs, horrible roundhouse swings that level guys, and other light looking punches that seem like they kill people.

take the same concept but make the mma fighter a turn of the century boxer, who all they train is throwing punches, along with the theory and skill to place their punches and it's not so far fetched to believe that a 155 lb man could have the science and strength to ko guys much larger than he.

in all fighting sports, a lot of the person's success comes down to the physical qualities of the fighters. some legends of the ring in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo etc were one in a thousand physical specimens, whose physicality enable them to do things that average men can't explain, let alone duplicate.

I believe from the reports I've seen that bob fitzsimmons was such a man. argue what you want about technique or other things, but when bob fitzsimmons hit men lesser than a james j. jeffries, they folded up like accordions.
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