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Default Re: Fighters your emotionally attached to..

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post

I want to know, what fighters your emotionally attached to..? beyond fan and a supporter.

I don't care if, no one reads what i'm about to write....well as long as one person reads it.......i'm ok with that.


I've never really been emotionally attached to a fighter since Mike Tyson. I wasn't a fan, i was there with Mike Tyson inside of the ring, i was almost in his corner in his last years.

What memories he gave me..............i remember crying myself to sleep when Mike Tyson lost to Kevin Mcribe. I wasn't one of these Mike Tyson fanatics that where stupid, who thought he would beat king kong.......i was a realist.

I was put on a week long depressed and angry state, when Mike Tyson was beaten by Lennox Lewis. "I was a fan of Lennox Lewis" but not emotionally attached.

You football fans are to there team, like all the Liverpool fans.

When Mike Tyson retired, i became very bitter towards him. Pretty much like Teddy atlas, and that's when i started to become real about Mike Tyson.

You see i hold Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis in higher regard.

But Mike Tyson was just something else, and i don't think another boxer will ever grab a hold of me like Mike Tyson did.

These days, I'm a fan of fighters. But i can leave the room, and run to the kitchen to get a drink. And carry on listening to the fight from afar, its no big deal. Sometimes even though I'm supporting a fighter, if it's become a one sided fight.

I actually want the other guy, to start fighting back more. Tag the fighter I'm supporting, and hurt him, ohhhhhhh what the hek smack him about abit.

Just for my own satisfaction and entertainment, you know...its makes it more an event.


When Mike was fighting i couldn't leave the room. I was on the edge of my chair, and at times i just couldn't bare the pressure. Before a fight, i felt nervous as hell and would pace up and down my living if i was preparing to fight myself...........unbelievable feeling.

"it was like being on some kind of psychological drug"

No fighter since has ever did this to me, many people on here may think I'm a bigger fan of Roy Jones Junior. Because i very rarely speak about Mike Tyson, in recent threads ive even made comments like this........

"Can't find the thread...but i was stating that Larry Holmes would beat a prime Mike Tyson and some other stuff" engine if ****ing ****!!!!!

Because in a way, i was left hurt by how Mike Tyson left the game. We all waited patiently, for the old Mike Tyson to return, like Christians and religious folk hold on....they just hold on.

"And wait for Christ to reappear........."

I hung on his every word, and interview week after week. Maybe it was because i was young, and i was at the influential stage in my life "when you look up to people", but when you become a man, things change....and you want people to look upto you................

"I'm second to no one..."

I'm quite a arragont person, i compare myself to David Haye. I'm not a bad person, but by my own admittances I'm a primadonna, but my heart is in the right place, thats all that matters. Very few people can get to my heart in life, but Mike Tyson was one of those people.

Ive never returned to since his final fight, i don't watch his fights on a daily basis like i used to, or listen to interviews over and over again, and i don't speak of him to friends or during training.

But sometimes when i'm training, and no one's around. "I still want to be like Mike"...i may walk in the pub in a nice fitted t-shirt, with my traps and shoulders on display.

And as i make my entrance, i will twitch my neck back and fourth. "And nod to afew local peeps.........just like Mike.

He was not a superstar, he was beyond that.

This might sound gay, but it must of been love. Or something like it, and some people say your heart can only love once.

Fighters like Audley Harrison, Danny Williams, Roy Jones Junior, Evander Holyfield have got my respect.........but its just not the same.

And i don't know if it ever will be...
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