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Default Re: Fighters your emotionally attached to..

I'm a Klitschko nuthugger, no doubt about that. I find I have to dig very deep to admit that a fighter can beat them, and even then its only really Lennox Lewis or Ali I'd pick ahead of them. I was just a casual fan when the Klitschkos last lost a fight, but I think I'd be ****ing horrified and devastated to see either of them lose now. These days I'm getting a bit nervous about Vitali, I hope he doesn't go on too long. I've never been more worried about a big fight than when Vitali came back to fight Peter- boxing writers and journos seemed to be split 50-50 on who would win, and I didn't like those odds at all

I feel I can be pretty objective about anyone else. I'm a bit biased in favour of Brits, and then Europeans, but not to a nuthugger degree. I do get nervous watching Khan though, I feel like he'll probably get KO'd again within a couple of years- but I'll enjoy it in the meantime
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