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Default Re: ChrisKim47's Training Log

Still going strong on my routine in previous post, 5days a week. Forgot to mention I'm on this crazy diet. I basically eat as much as I want, but not whatever I want.

1/2-1lb of g****s
1 cup of nuts
only water

8-10 oz of turkey breast sandwhich meat
3-4 tomatoes
or if i'm in a real hurry to get to my evening sesh i'll grab a sandwhich on wheat from jimmy john's if you guys know what that is

2-3 chicken breasts boiled
3-4 tomatoes
and whatever veggies i got like 1/2 boiled cauliflower or brocolli, maybe some sauteed asparagus.

Anyway this weekend was pretty bad as far as breaking diet goes, but my mom always cooks me some dam good food. Before the weekend, standing weight at 162, i'll be happy if I weight in at 163 monday morning. although my weight goal is 155, i don't really have to make ****. When I do enter into the state tournament i'll just cut back my portions, get down to 155 standing, and then cut the last 3 lbs in water ez.

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