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Default Re: Amir Khan, you know you've made it....

Originally Posted by Davro View Post
amir khan has a dodgy chin. he has been apparently knocked out cold by sparring partners, khan doesn't even make a secret of it anymore.

if you think freddie roach is gonna put him in with maidana and the likes just to keep clowns like you and the haters happy, then you're a re****.

khan has had frightening speed and power since he came on the scene - professional boxing for him has consisted of getting his opponent in the corner and knocking him out within three rounds.

roach is clearly picking big name but low risk (punching power) fighters, to introduce Khan to elite level BOXING. Khan could have unleashed on Malignaggi anywhere from Round 5 onwards and put him to sleep, the plan for Roach was to use Malignaggi as a big occassion boxing exercise in his own back yard.

only when Khan is a fantastic boxer; can attack, defend himself, counter punch, win tight exchanges, is he going in with a big puncher again. Before Roach picked up Khan he was too one dimensional - he was going for a KO and not protecting himself in the pursuit. he is a fantastic potential but part of that is fulfilling it by gradually developing him - his whole career nearly went off the rails with the poor choice of Breidis Prescott.

khan is not the finished article yet and has nothing to prove to you or anyone. he is already a world title holder and could easily go toe to toe with Devon Alexander, Victor Ortiz, Nate Campbell, Timothy Bradley or even Ricky Hatton tomorrow. You seem to forget that Khan did something that Miguel Cotto couldn't to Malignaggi - that is a frightening achievement for a 23 year old.

All the Khan bashing gets old after a while. The man will be bigger and better than Naseem especially in the states. He has the hunger and desire to actually train hard and get to the top of the game, whats wrong with that? Support him and his talent instead of turning on him and saying the same ol boring ****. He is 23, he says he wants to fight the best in the business, all the slicksters and the heavy hitters, he wants to line them up and take them out 1 by 1, good luck to the man.

**** all the Khan haters tbh
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