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Originally Posted by JOSEY WALES View Post
What a load of **** , Green should be where Briggsy has been for years ....Retired . Seriously as a contest who would pay to see these two ? Don't get me wrong Brigg's fights with Adamek were things of beauty and i respect the man and his career but come on Briggsy retired for a reason in the first place . As for Green ? well lets just say i'm praying for another Epithany ....
Why should Green be retired? Sure he's 37, but he's far from done. Green may look done, but that's because he was never that good anyhow.
I'm not real big on Green, but to say he should be retired, I can't see why.

As for Briggs VS Green, IF, and that's a big if, Briggs comes in 100%, I reckon he'll take Green, and it would be a very good fight.
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