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Originally Posted by Sox View Post
Why should Green be retired? Sure he's 37, but he's far from done. Green may look done, but that's because he was never that good anyhow.
I'm not real big on Green, but to say he should be retired, I can't see why.

As for Briggs VS Green, IF, and that's a big if, Briggs comes in 100%, I reckon he'll take Green, and it would be a very good fight.
Because fighting the likes of Manny Siaca and claiming you're a world champion @ Cruiser is **** poor mate, if he is serious about fighting on then he should be fighting serious fights , as for Briggsy what do you think the chances are that he comes back 100% ? , Briggsy was a fantastic fighter and i would hate to see a shadow of his former self get in a ring again even if the money is fantastic .
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