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Default Re: Fighters your emotionally attached to..

Ocsar is my all time fave , but Hatton stole my heart !!!!!

I remember watching the Mayweather fight and crying my eyes out , in a state of pure and utter despair watching my boy getting picked apart , i was ****in rotten drunk too and my best mate (who was also my best man at my wedding ) said ****in hell he's gettin pasted here or something to that affect , i jumped up off the couch and said me and you outside now !!!!! ha ha ha ha ha , i was heart broken after that fight and i mean fully heart broken like losing a family member , the Pacquaio fight was a little similar in the fact i was once again heart broken but i was fully expecting Manny to beat him pretty convincingly but the way it unfolded shook me to my socks , and i couldnt get the image of Hatton lying there out of my head for days !!!!!!
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