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Default Re: Derek Chisora????????????

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
Good solid boxer who has nothing special and does nothing special. Our heavyweight domestic division is **** poor and has been for a while. Every Williams fight I hope for a big punch because he is so fragile. Every ***ton fight, I hope he can maul em because he is awful. Ever Harrison fight I hope for a left hand because he is awful.

Chisora is a solid boxer who isn't very big, a bit soft, does nothing exceptional. Good wins over ***ton and Williams but they really are terrible fighters.

I hope Chisora keeps stepping up so he can find his level. The HW division is AWFUL so if matched well he could do okay. The Klits would **** him.

Its great to read a post that sounds so positive.....then at the end you get THE KLITS WOULD **** HIM !!!!

**** me, noooo **** ?

Why put that in ?

Seriously, wtf ?
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