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Default Re: Brazillian fighters

Originally Posted by Iron Duke
The Gracies are certainly posh upper class.

But the Nogueira brothers are from a poor backround as is A.Silva,W.Silva.

I think Arona and the Rua's are middle/upper class.
The Nogueira brothers actually had good upbringings because their father ran a business. The Gracies have made millions selling jiu-jitsu; their grandchildrens' grandchildren will never be poor. Brazilian fighters are obviously dominating MMA because they developed the most popular and effective fighting style in the world today. When your country has such a rich background in martial arts, it's easier for many individuals to develop into world-class fighters.

UFC and MMA wouldn't even exist in America without the Brazilians (the Japanese and Thais as well). So we have a lot to thank them for.
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