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Default Re: Re-establishing linearity in the heavyweight division

Originally Posted by Homicidal Hank
Because the WBC grew out of the international community, working with the NYSAC, striving to create a world boxing organization to reflect the long non-NBA tradition of world championship recognition. The WBC makes a direct line to the beginning of the sport. When Joe Frazier unified the WBA (which was just a few years before the NBA, an organization with as long as history) and NYSAC titles he became WBC champion. Remember when Hearns and Leonard fought for the unified title? Two belts were on the line: WBA and WBC. That's all you need - two competing long-standing sanctioning bodies with the possibility of unification matches that make a world champion in the absence of the linear champion.

There are more than just those four sanctioning bodies. Why don't you recognize all of them? What if there is a title for every person you consider the top ten? Top twenty? When does it stop? When every fighter is a champion? Why do you let a bunch of bureaucrats out to make a buck manipulate you into treating their belt as something special? Anybody can start a world boxing organization, have a belt made, and declare their guy a champion. Are you going to follow around the money grubbers like a puppy dog and roll over and **** on yourself when they sanctioning a "world title bout"?

We only need two sanctioning bodies - therefore no monopoly - and one unification match in only eight divisions. That is what will bring this sport back. As long as you puppies follow around WBO, IBF, IBU, WBU, etc., etc., etc., champions, boxing will continue to die it's slow death. Everybody who recognizes these ******* sanctioning bodies is killing the sport.
I agree with this and the unification of the WBA and WBC is what is needed to establish linearity. Do you consider Kessler the champ in the super middleweight division?

Also, its very difficult to hold the WBA in high regard these days. The ridiculous super champ concept is an absolute farce. Its a joke and really decreases the WBA's standing
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