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Default Re: ChrisKim47's Training Log

Just glad this week is over wow! This regime I put myself through really puts some serious strain on my body, but its nothing I haven't done before. I'm pretty damn solid right now, but I'm not losing any more weight. At 6' 162 lb, I think I'm at a good place right now. When the time calls for it, I'll drop to 155 by cutting down my portions. Right now my motto is, eat as much as you want, but don't eat whatever I want.

Worked on a lot of defensive stuff today. Slips, parries, rolls, pivoting. I think defense is my weak link. I'm really getting a good feel for the defensive stuff. Once I get really fluid with the defensive stuff, allsigotstodo is get good at countering.


P.S. By the way, on previous post I was concerned about what I would weight in at on monday morning. I basically ate a ****ton of carbs and was happy as ****. Lets see, Sat. ate lots of dumplings and noodles, and kept eating continually. Dinner had a 14 oz ribeye, baked potato and veggies. Sunday I had those dumplings again dam so gewd, and some noodles. Sunday night I had 6 or 7 porkchops among other things, as well as i'd say about 6-8 oz of salmon sashimi. Monday morning weighed in at 161.5, which is a 1/2 lb loss.

This makes me wonder about the carb cutting. I allow myself bread/grain type stuff only at lunch. This is when I go to Jimmy John's a sandwhich shop. WHEAT gogo
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