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Default Re: ESB member fight video's

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
Inside of the glove, slapping. He was right but it wasn't intentional.
Bullcrap. I'm gonna pull an Anglo and say he was trying to disrupt you and rob you of a knockout.

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
Same thing, he got a warning for inside glove punching.
But it took him about 10 seconds dancing around trying to indicate it.

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
Yeah I won. Too bad the ref interrupted at 5:56 because his legs went a bit weird after the 1-2-3. This was my best fight so far, I still forgot many things I do in sparring and started rusty and slowish again, but I'm satisfied with how it went.
Well he was an interruptive prick, wasn't he. I thought that you were about to land a good right when he stopped you to give him a standing-eight, weren't you? It would have been nice to see a 'real' KO, have to say I haven't seen many of those in the amateurs. And yeah, I think you could have done better as you seemed to be classes above this guy. But a very good overall effort.
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